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There are many ways you can join us in the fight against cancer. No effort is too small! Donate today. A memorial or tribute donation is a meaningful way to remember a special person while at the same time helping others in the fight against cancer. Your gift today will help us fund more research leading to cures. You can also choose to make your gift in honor or memory of someone.
A memorial gift or gift in honor is an appropriate way to remember a special person while at the same time helping others cancer patients.

KMIO is recognized as a Charitable Institute by the Endowment Department of Karnataka, considering its commitment for services to poor cancer patients. Donations to the Institute are exempted from Income Tax under section 80(g) and under section 35(i) (ii) of Income Tax Act, 1961.

The charges levied for cancer investigations and treatment, are well within the reach of poor patients. Patients below poverty line with eligibility certificated issued by the State government are eligible to free treatment under various Government Schemes. In cases where the total treatment cost becomes too heavy such other cancer patients are financially assisted by various schemes like Free drugs from the Institute (KMIO), Karnataka Chief Minister's Medical Relief fund (KCMRF), Poor Patients Welfare Fund, children Welfare Fund, Kidwai Cancer Drug Foundation (KCDF), etc. KCDF being a unique community driven concept of KMIO, here the anti-cancer drugs sold at Kidwai Cancer Drug Foundation' are 40 to 60% cheaper than the market rates and any product as desired by the patient is provided and is also available for any patient.

In order to get investigated and treated at KMIO, Many Cancer patients and their relatives travel from far off places and some form neighboring / far off states. These patients may have to stay in a cancer institute for a month or two to get their complete treatment and return at regular intervals for follow-up checkups and investigations. KMIO has a unique community driven endowment programme called Dharmashala, wherein the patients and their relatives are provided free accommodation and food three times a day. At KMIO various community driven health care schemes are also being facilitated. Kidwai Cancer Drug Foundation (KCDF) is also a unique community driven concept which also dispenses anti-cancer drugs to the deserving poor cancer patients free.

The Donors may indicate the Purpose of Donation

1. Donations to KMIO
2. Donations to Dharmashala : Free Feeding Endowment Scheme (pdf)
3. Donations for Cancer Patients welfare
4. Donations for Cancer Treatment 
5. Donations for Paediatric Cancer patients
6. Donation for Cancer research
7. Donations for KMIO Infrastructure
8. Donation for Cancer treatment Machines
9. Donations for Anti cancer medicines
10. Others : as specified by the donors
11. Donations in Kind (Donor may purchase on their own and give to KMIO)
Donations to KMIO Should be made in favor of :

The Director,
Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology
Dr. M.H Marigowda Road
Bangalore - 560029
Karnataka, India

The Donors are requested to address the Donations to The Director, Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore by Cheque / Draft / Bank Transfer and any other forms and receive a receipt statement / acknowledgement from the Director, KMIO.
Phone : 091-080-2656 0722
Fax : 091-080-2656 0723
e-mail : kidwai@nic.in
After online payment or bank transfer the Donors are Requested to intimate the Directors Office by e-mail : kidwai@nic.in and receive an amount receipt statement for Donation.

Electronic Clearing Service (Credit Clearing) / RTGS /NEFT Mandate Form

Investor / Customer’s Name and Address
(Name of Beneficiary)

Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Dr M.H. Marigowda Road
Bangalore – 560029

Particulars of Bank Account

Name of the Bank


Name of the Branch Address

KMIO Campus

Telephone No:

080-2656 3275

9-digit code number of the Bank  & Branch as appearing on the MICR cheque issued by the Bank


Type of the Account

SB Account

IFSC Code of the Branch

CNRB 0008409

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